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Bavaria 3 is a powerhouse for immersive media production, virtual reality and 360 degree filming. We create fascinating and amazing customer experiences across all channels. Our brand productions are always on the edge of the technically possible and leave a lasting impression on the customer. The combination of high-quality design, cutting-edge technology and emotion is the core of our work. We are digital and real. And experts in making brands experienceable in a new way and thus successful. National and international clients from the automotive, pharmaceutical, TV and industrial sectors trust us since many years.

Come to us, we make future happen.


Realtime Experiences

Are you planning to host an event, trade fair or a special corporate event? An event that offers an impressive, immersive experience? Then let’s talk. We've been working in professional event planning in the field of immersive events for over 20 years. We create events that fascinate the audience and immerse them in another world using the latest technologies.


Performance TV marketing brings articles that the viewer has discovered into direct interaction with the customer. After all, almost every second viewer searches online for products that they have seen on TV shortly before. If picked up correctly, the research becomes a sales success. This is exactly what we specialise in.